The Sleephug Pillow worn by smiling female model

The SleepHug Pillow

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With its patent-pending ergonomic shape, the SleepHug™ Pillow gives you head, neck, and back support while you sit up straight in your chair. This allows you to comfortably maintain a healthy upright posture, which helps to prevent the aches and pains that come from long periods of sitting.

Just unroll, place behind your neck, wrap in front of your shoulders, and fasten behind your back. Makes virtually any chair more comfortable!

As mentioned in The Virginian-Pilot. #HugLife #SleepHug



  • Ultimate Comfort & Posture Support
  • Can be used at home, work, or while traveling
  • Doubles as a cozy body pillow in bed
  • Portable & compact
  • Rolls up to fit in your bag or tote
  • Non-allergenic – 100% Polyester
  • Available in Navy Blue

View our instructional video here.