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“I am extremely happy with my SleepHug. I use it all the time watching TV, as well as traveling on long road trips for the game. I definitely notice my posture improves during and after the use of SleepHug. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who travels frequently, or spends a lot of time sitting in front of a desk or TV.”

– James Lindsay, NCAA Student Athlete


"I have Fibromyalgia and Lupus which causes constant neck and head pain, on top of that I am very overweight, which other pillows do not support the way the SleepHug does."

– Bonnie Rackliffe, Medical Transcriptionist


"I initially bought the SleepHug for the flight back and forth for treatment, but it became a necessity and the only way I could sleep during my first round of chemotherapy."

- Carla A.


“These pillows are great. Nothing out there comes close!”

– Dr. Andrew Hartpence, Chiropractor


"Finally took a road trip with the SleepHug to use it as an actual travel pillow (my wife and I both love using it while we sleep). And omg...best. Best ever! No back pain or sore neck, and tons of flexibility in how I wanted to use the pillow."

- Enver Siddiky, Small Business Owner


“The SleepHug has saved me on airplane trips! I have had two neck surgeries and the SleepHug keeps my spine straight while sitting on the airplane, which keeps the pain away.”

– Jane Critchfield, Seamstress


"Me and my girlfriend liked the SleepHug a lot. Have to admit that I didn't get the neck pain as I usually get while flying. The SleepHug was at work all the time because we were exchanging it constantly :­)"

– Aleksander Figelj


"...We like to use them to watch TV and read. Great pillow."

– Barry Strathmann, Auto Repair Shop Owner


"I let some of the others try it out at work and they couldn't believe how comfortable the SleepHug is!"

– S. Bilkern, Cable Technician


“I like it because I can rest my noggin in many positions and I use it on long road trips or when playing video games.”

– Rubin Pena, NCAA Student Athlete


“It’s perfect for supporting my head and neck anywhere which cramps and knots easily.”

– Candace Carey, NCAA student athlete


“I loved it when we went on these long bus rides for lacrosse. It was a lifesaver for my back and it was really comfortable to sleep in too!”

– James Alvarez, NCAA Student Athlete


“As a college student, I find myself sitting in uncomfortable wooden chairs that really irritate my back after about 10 minutes of sitting. I tried the SleepHug and I felt a pretty noticeable difference. It was a little difficult to attach the velcro at first but once that was out of the way I was able to sit down and actually get comfortable, which I wasn't even sure was possible in those chairs. Ultimately, I'd recommend this to people who want to get comfortable in uncomfortable seats.”

– Chris Reece, College Student


“We like our pillows and use them for travel and watching TV mainly. Also for sleeping on occasion, especially when you need to be propped up.”

– Karen Strathmann, Office Manager


“I use the pillow either in front of my computer or in my comfy chair watching television.”

– Butch Donato, Personal Trainer


"This is crazy! What sorcery is this?!"

– Carlos de Guzman, Game Store employee