Ensure Authenticity

Intellectual Property Policy 

In order to protect the integrity of our brand, the fight against counterfeit products is a high priority to The Comfy LLC.

Our dedicated Intellectual Property Team monitors the internet continuously to remove counterfeit products from online marketplaces and conspicuous websites. Additionally, a close cooperation of Customs and Law Authority help to ensure that counterfeit products are identified before reaching the market.


How to Spot a Counterfeit SleepHug:

Please take into account the following examples that may indicate a counterfeit product.

  • Product is shipping from China or Singapore.
  • Product comes in flimsy box with “as seen on TV” symbol.
  • Pillow in wrinkled and has strong chemical odor.
  • Patent Number(s) on box does not match the patent information on sleephug.com.
  • Product is sold at discounted prices or on websites with domain names that contain words like ‘discount’ or ‘cheap’.
  • Website has no contact information.
  • Product photos are watermarked with other store names.
  • You see products sold at odd prices that are not consistent with our prices on sleephug.com.

If you are unsure that the website you are visiting is not selling genuine SleepHug products, please contact us immediately. We take the quality of our products seriously.