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The SleepHug Pillow


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100% Consistent, Pure, Cozy Comfort!
No more nodding. No nasty neck pain. The SleepHug is unlike any other pillow on the market! You’ll love the #Huglife! It’s comfort on demand!

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Be Comfortable.

The award-winning SleepHug™ Specialty Body Pillow is setting a new standard in portable comfort! Your SleepHug is a versatile, mini body pillow that provides tension relief and secure comfort on the go. How so? Easy! Just Wrap… Attach… Sit and Lean to experience the full benefits of a SleepHug! The SleepHug is specially made to create a cushioned “hugging” support, keeping the wearer snugly in place. Enjoy recliner-quality comfort in ANY chair, ANYWHERE!

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Dimensions 82 x 7 in

Sleep Blue, Grey

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